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Can’t get you out of my head

April 7th, 2021 · Posted by Skuds in Life, Music

Having an earworm is a fairly frequent event for me, but I have had a really strange one today, even by my standards.

Earworm is defined by the Collins Dictionary website, rather unsatisfactorily, as “an irritatingly catchy tune”. I don’t think that captures the full quality of an earworm, which is not just a tune that is catchy, but one which has lodged itself in your brain and keeps looping around and around. As soon as you drop your guard you realise that you are whistling or humming it.

It is often not a tune you would have chosen to have on repeat. For me the earworms are likely to be a 70s tune that I have heard too many times on the nostalgia TV channels I like to leave on for background. Sometimes you can’t get a tune out of your head, but also can’t quite work out exactly what it is, which can be frustrating.

Anyway, today’s earworm is something that doesn’t even exist, as far as I know. All day I have found myself internally and unconsciouly singing the lyrics of Tammy Wynette’s Stand By Your Man to the tune of Gary Puckett & the Union Gap’s Young Girl. Quite an acheivement, as I’m sure I couldn’t do it deliberately.

What I will say is that at least the lyrics are less dubious than the actual Young Girl lyrics. I do wonder why that is still being played, many times, on the Now 70s TV channel. As if the lyrics were not bad enough (a creepy story about lusting after an underaged girl) the video has the band draped in confederate flags.

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Irony narrowly averted

March 3rd, 2021 · Posted by Skuds in Life

I went for a walk today, which is quite a big deal for me because I haven’t been able to really appreciate a long walk for ages until the last few days. Its all to do with Raynaud’s phenomenon, which makes my fingers go white when its cold. Oh, and paradoxically they go numb and also hurt like hell. It feels like what I imagine frostbite to be like. I have tried woolly mittens, leather gloves, compression gloves, motorbike gloves and those handwarmer things and nothing really helps. I don’t think there is anything that can be done about it, apart from winning the lottery and retiring to somewhere tropical.

Anyway, the point is that the weather is warming up a bit so I can go out for decent long walks now. During last summer I was doing 10,000+ steps every day for about three months without any gaps and I have been missing that. I like to put on a podcast to listen to while I walk. Its the best way to listen to podcasts.

Today I was making a start on the backlog that built up during my hibernation. It was about an hour long but finished while I was still on the way back. I was close enough to home to make it not worth starting another podcast so I listened to some music. Rather than decide what to play I just went to one of those Spotify daily mixes and whacked the volume up a bit.

With the music loud and ANC turned on I make an effort to pay a lot more attention when I cross roads. I make a point to stop and look properly in all directions. Twice. Unfortunately the junction closest to home is a real bastard. It has an extreme blind bend in it that makes it quite hairy to drive on and even worse to ride on. You really need to be careful driving round that bend so, of course, most people are not. They take it far too quickly.

I stopped. Had a good look. But by the time I was two steps into the road there was a car coming round from the right. I saw it just in time and stopped, but it was a close thing because I was only doing the stop and look bits of the Green Cross Code, and not the listen bit.

And the ironic aspect? Well had I not clocked the movement of the car in the corner of my eye I could well have been run over while listening to an extremely appropriate song, because at the precise time Spotify had chosen for me Aztec Camera’s classic… “Oblivious”.

Maybe it is about time I make a compromise and turn off ANC and turn on ‘hear through’ on the earphones?

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Playing catch-up

February 8th, 2021 · Posted by Skuds in Life

During the last few days I have been doing some catching up with watching some things I have been putting off for a while, with mixed levels of enjoyment. [Read more →]

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2020 – Automation

January 2nd, 2021 · Posted by Skuds in Music

It is that time of the year again. The time when I add another track to my Spotify playlist, the one that has one song for every year I have been around. I have now added a 59th track to it, which makes me fell a bit old.

While this might have been a bit of a shitty year in many respects (and “might have been” could be a bit of an understatement) it has been another decent year for music, and it was really hard to pick out one track to represent it. [Read more →]

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Sheep Farming In Barnet

December 31st, 2020 · Posted by Skuds in Music

One of my presents this year was the box set re-issue of Sheep Farming in Barnet by Toyah. A bit of a nostalgia-fest, but actually I don’t think I actually had this LP despite being a fan. Actually I don’t think I had this LP because I was a fan. [Read more →]

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Christmas 2020: a matter of perspective

December 25th, 2020 · Posted by Skuds in Life

I am going to have a fantastic Christmas this year! I know. There is still covid-19 going on, our area moving into tier 4 on Saturday, Brexit, and all sorts of other general unpleasantness, but it is all relative.

For example, two years ago, Christmas 2018, I was in the middle of chemotherapy treatment and still getting most of my nutrition through a tube sticking out of my stomach. In the evening I collapsed in the hallway and had an ambulance ride to hospital, where I stayed on a drip until being allowed home on boxing day. I’m not even sure that counts as my worst Christmas.

This year I am feeling well, and will be spending the day with my favourite person. Just the two of us plus cat and dogs of course. There will probably be a nice long walk with the hounds during the day, so we will be having a happy Christmas and I hope everybody else manages to enjoy themselves as well, in their own ways.


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Time for a #HIGNFY re-vamp?

October 4th, 2020 · Posted by Skuds in Life

Have I Got News For You is celebrating its 30th year now and although it has its moments it really is showing its age now. I have watched it from the start and do still watch it, but that is at least partly through habit. A lot of the time the regular members do seem to be on auto-pilot and a lot of the jokes are very obvious, even when they are funny. I would not like to see it disappear, but I think that it really could do with a re-vamp or re-launch after thirty years. [Read more →]

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Bikes don’t kill people, cyclists do

August 16th, 2020 · Posted by Skuds in Life

There are some things that are so obvious and ingrained that you don’t notice them until they are pointed out, after which you can’t not see them again. The difference between how accidents caused by bicycles and accidents caused by car drivers are reported is one of those things. [Read more →]

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Thick as a brick

August 2nd, 2020 · Posted by Skuds in Life

This week came the news that Argos will no longer be producing their catalogue in paper form. The legendary ‘laminated book of dreams’ will be a thing of the past, but what a past! To be honest, its a surprise it has lasted this long, because it is out-of-date almost before the ink is dry. In this modern world of surge-pricing, Black Fridays and online price changes Argos were always vulnerable to competitors waiting for the catalogue to come out and then making sure their prices are just below and so for 6 months Argos appears below then when using Google Shopping to find the best deals.

A little reminder of where the ‘laminated book of dreams’ came from: Still funny now, but absolutely bloody hilarious when first seen sixteen years ago.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

[

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Get on your bike!

July 27th, 2020 · Posted by Skuds in Life

I see that the government want to encourage more people to take up cycling to improve health by reducing obesity. While it is easy to pick holes in this, the gist of it is very laudable. There shouldn’t be any doubt that reducing weight leads to improvements in health and that cycling can help to reduce weight and health generally.

I have questions though. When the news says that GPs will be prescribing cycling, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean that you can get a bicycle from the chemist for £9.15? (Or for nothing if you get free prescriptions like I do). If not then isn’t it just that doctors can recommend cycling, which they have always been able to do and often have?

For many people it is not the cost of cycling that is putting them off, but the perceived danger of it. Personally I spent many years cycling across South London during rush hours. After daily commutes through the Wandsworth one-way system and Brixton, I am probably happier being on the road than on a cycle path but I realise that is not normal.

It will be interesting to see if the necessary improvements are made to the roads to support more cycling, because that would involve inconveniencing car drivers, maybe even taking lanes away from cars.

Of course cycling on its own isn’t going to suddenly make everybody skinny, you need to cut down on the food too. And cycling isn’t the only exercise, but its one you can do without having to find extra time for it. Back in the day it used to take me about 50 minutes to cycle to work, which is about the same time as it took to make the journey by train or by car. It wasn’t necessary to make time for exercise.

As so much of the short-term needs of our economy depend on us buying more cars and driving them, and buying unhealthy foods, its going to be a hard sell, but it will be interesting to see if this is an actual change in direction for the country or just another soundbite.

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